Q. What are the functions of Notes to Outlook software?

Ans: Notes to Outlook is a simple and reliable software tool which has the following features and function

img Conversion of unlimited nsf file at once
img Conversion of Domino Server user mailboxes
img Save converted nsf file component in existing or new PST or Exchange server user profile
img Support conversion of Unicode characters
img Preserves quality of email data while migration

Q: I am unable to view the preview of data before conversion while performing the conversion of Domino Server mailboxes. Why?

Ans: Preview before conversion feature works only with nsf file conversion not with the Domino Server mailboxes conversion. You need to directly export Domino Server mailboxes items to PST or Exchange Server user profile without viewing the preview before conversion

Q: How many nsf files can I convert with Notes to Outlook software?

Ans: Notes to Outlook software has a feature to convert unlimited nsf file(s) at once so any number of nsf file(s) can be converted at a time.

Q:How long would I need to wait for the product after purchasing it ?

Ans: We provide immediate delivery of the product. You will be taken to download page after you complete the purchasing process. The Activation Key and Password will be mailed to you with in few minutes.

Q: How many save options are there in the software?

Ans: Save in PST or Save in Exchange Server are the two saving options provided in the software. Saving of converted nsf file data can be easily accessed with MS Outlook.